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Our Approach

What To Expect

Why You’ll Like Working With Us

Learn how to exercise properly to get out of pain, avoid future injuries, and maximize your performance and overall health.

We work with your body at its current state and provide you with easy-to-digest exercises to improve overall movements such as: How to squat, bend down, lift, reach, pull, push, walk, run, and jump.

We will remain by your side throughout your recovery with revisions to your exercise program design in combination with the manual therapy your body needs.

We provide you with the options to get out of pain and the confidence to stay out of pain. Our goal is to get you back on your feet as fast as possible so we can help more people like you.

We will follow up with you to see how you’re feeling as well as ensure we are on the same page with your recovery!

What You Won’t Get

During your rehabilitation. You won’t get an exercise handout and be expected to properly activate and strengthen the correct muscle groups by yourself.

We won’t give you 60 minutes of half-unsupervised exercise therapy.

We won’t leave you high and dry after your first session with little direction and no follow-up to your recovery.

We won’t let you leave our facility without an individualized treatment plan.

Ever Wonder Why You Have Pain Even After You’ve Tried To Treat It?

You’ve tried Rehabilitation therapies, and body adjustments, and followed the at-home exercise handouts, yet the pain keeps coming back. We promise the problem isn’t you.

Oftentimes, you experience pain because of improper movements. We hear stories all the time of “I hurt myself when I bent down” or “I went to reach for something and now my _____ hurts.” The reason our bodies revert back to pain after a few months of physical therapy is that we keep performing the same improper movement patterns that got us here in the first place.

Here at Pro10 we first calm your current pain symptoms, then we offer movement therapy techniques to retrain your body so the pain stops coming back. We are here to teach your body the movement mechanics it needs to stay out of pain. If by chance your body does not have the required range of motion to perform a movement, then we recommend a service appointment for manual therapy in order to gain the needed range of motion.

Massage spas only focus on relieving the symptom of your pain so next week you will need another massage. We want to completely get rid of your pain so we don’t waste your time and money coming back for more sessions. For example, if you have low back pain, oftentimes, low back pain originates from tight muscles in your hips because of how those muscles originate from the hips and attach to the low back.

While working with professional and collegiate athletes, David is able to understand the secret to faster, long-term healing and career longevity of avoiding future injuries. Through proper functional movement and exercise training, movement health was meant to be gained on and off the court.

Our healthcare system has failed us by not teaching us how to properly move such as how to walk, run, squat down, bend over, and jump. We decided to be part of the solution and not contribute to the problem.

Let’s Work Together For Better Health!

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