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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find common questions about our services and our practice. If you still have a question or need a further explanation then please write a message in our Message Form and we will get back to you within a very short time.

Common Questions

At Pro10 we value the experience of your massage and training sessions. Our FAQ page addresses frequently asked questions to allow our customers to better understand our unique system of relieving pain and improving movement.

When Should I Arrive?

For Massage: We ask that first time clients come at least 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out health intake information and to go over your goals for treatment. We want to give you the full session time on the treatment  table before the next client session.

Personal Training: If you are receiving targeted strengthening or movement training, we still ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can gain a full health intake as well as some movement assessments.

Returning Clients:  we would still like to spend 5-10 minutes going over updates from your previous week or session.

How Often Should I Get Treatment?

It depends a lot on your goals, injury, or how quickly you want to see recovery. We typically recommend waiting at least 48 hours before your next massage session to see how you feel. We recommend not going longer than 2 weeks if you want to get ahead of the pain. Once a month is fine for maintenance. 

 It becomes tricky to coordinate with athletes who are in the middle of their season since we do not want to overwhelm the body. We prefer to work on athletes at least 24 hours apart from games or long practices. We encourage sessions for athletes after games for muscle recovery.

What Is The Environment Like?
We reside in a small office building about a five minute drive from the PNC Arena. It is a very quiet atmosphere with a few other quiet businesses throughout the building. There is a waiting area as you walk in along with fully furnished bathrooms and hardwood floors. The owner of the building takes very good care of the building as cleaning services tend to it at least once a week.

As you enter the treatment room, you are greeted with a consultation section of the room with comfortable chairs and a treatment table in the back section. There is big shelving with plenty of room for personal items. It has a “clinical cozy vibe” as some have described.

Can My Son Or Daughter Get Treatment?

Yes, we do perform massage and training services for youth. For massage services we just ask for a parent or legal guardian to sign a written consent. Feel free to sit in on the session which will allow us to share the value of our services. Thank you!

How do I schedule a session?

To schedule a session you can either set up an appointment over the phone by calling 609-472-0620, or you can book an appointment online. To book online, click on the menu tab, click “book online”, navigate to the service of your choice, and click “book now”. This will bring you to Calendly where you can choose an available time slot that works for you.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are one hour long (60 minutes).

I have a friend/family member who would like to work out with me. Do you train small groups of 2-4 people, and if so, do you offer a discount for groups?

Yes I do! At Pro10 we believe the more the merrier. Before beginning a group, I do prefer to have 1:1 private sessions with each person to make sure they are comfortable with the exercises. Anyone who wants to join will pay a fraction of the hourly session price.

What is Medical Massage?

Medical massage, also called treatment massage or clinical massage, uses a specialized set of manual therapies and techniques to increase muscle health and reduce pain.  It focuses on treating chronic pain, nagging pain, or medical conditions. Medical massage is very effective at restoring and rehabilitating injuries.

What Should I Wear?

You are more than welcome to dress however you would like especially if you are planning on receiving a relaxation massage to then disrobe. We can work out any of the knots you might have throughout your body. Most of our clients prefer to wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothing during sessions. There is no need to worry, we are still able to work the preferred areas just as well without you disrobing.

We work with a lot of athletes and active people looking for body maintenance and muscle recovery. Our sessions incorporate specific stretching and mobilization of the joints.

How Hard Is Your Massage Pressure?
Our pressure will never be deeper than you prefer. Some massage therapy spas gain a bad reputation of massage therapists delivering a massage that is often “too hard” and leaves the customer in more pain than they came in with. Our goal is never to bruise the body. Bruises indicate micro trauma and rupturing of blood vessels which is never good for healing and muscle recovery. We pride ourselves in palpating the muscles so we can work to relax and relieve muscle tension and better treat the area(s).
What If I'm Not Feeling Well?

If you aren’t feeling well or start noticing flu-like symptoms, we would much prefer you to stay home and you will not be charged any cancellation fee. We will instead try our best to work you back into the schedule as soon as we can! Thank you so much

What If I Fail To Show For A Scheduled Massage Or Arrive Late?

We understand life can get very busy so if you fail to show up for a scheduled service, we allow a one time forgiveness service. If you fail to show up a second time, we will be forced to charge your card 50% of the full session price.

If you arrive late, we can only guarantee the time you have scheduled with us. If you show up more than 45 minutes late, we will have to charge you 50% of the full service price unless you are able to make up that session within that same week (granted we have availability).

If you have any scheduling conflicts, it is better to call us as soon as you know so we can make accommodations. Thank you for your understanding!

Do I need a gym membership?

You do not need a gym membership! I can train you virtually from the comfort of your own home, or from your local gym. Regardless of where you chose to train, I suggest investing in a phone stand so that I can clearly see and communicate with you while exercising.

Do you offer packaged deals?

I do offer packages! Packaged deals are available based on the number of sessions you would like to purchase. The more sessions bought, the higher a discount you will receive on the overall price. In order to receive the discounted session rate, the package payment must be paid in full before the first session.

Why Corrective Exercise?

Corrective exercise focuses on strengthening areas of the body that affect optimal posture. Optimal posture is crucial for maintaining proper movement because when you move well, you feel well.

Have you ever noticed someone having a protruding chin, rounded upper back, excessive low back arch, knock knees, feet flare out during a walk, or even flat feet?  These postures can greatly impact the reason for pain and increase your risk of pain. These can all be significantly improved and even fixed through targeted strengthening. Muscles move and shape our bones. Our expertise lies in individualizing workout plans specific to your needs.  Invest in at least one session so we can get you moving better.

Is Gratuity Accepted?

It is accepted but certainly not expected! We would much rather you keep your gratuity if it means we can continue being part of your health care plan.

If you are wondering how much people usually tip, it is customary to tip between 10%-20% of your session.

How Do I Book A Massage?
You can easily book a massage session or personal training session through our website booking page. If you have any issues booking then please give us a call at 609-472-0620. If you have questions about your session then write to us in any of our contact submission forms at the bottom of the website and we will respond within a very short time (wait time depends if it is during or after business hours). We look forward to helping you find exactly what you need!
What Does Your Training Look Like?

We would first take a thorough intake of your health history and then go over your fitness or performance goals. Then, we would take you through some of our specific movement assessments to see where we can gain the biggest improvements. We currently do not have access to heavy weights or barbells but we have all of the equipment needed to take you to your goals. We also offer online training if you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home or prefer to use your gym equipment.

How Do I Cancel A Service That I've Already Scheduled?
If you need to cancel a service, please contact us directly at 609-472-0620. We ask that you give us a 24 hour notice or as soon as you can so we are not left wondering where you are. If you accidentally scheduled a service or would like to change the time then you can simply write to us at Pro10rmat@gmail.com.
Do I need to buy gym equipment for the sessions?

You don’t need to purchase any gym equipment, however there are some items that would be helpful in furthering you towards your goals. I offer low-cost items, such as bands and some stability equipment, that I highly recommend to see the best results.

What should I expect our training sessions to look like?

Training sessions are always individualized to your needs. First, we will complete a thorough intake to understand where you are, define your goals, and determine the best way to reach them. Once that is done, I will walk you through some specific movement patterns to identify the areas that we can work on in which you will benefit most. Then, I’ll design an individualized workout plan with specific exercises for you. I will then walk you through each workout during our sessions, demonstrating movements as needed and correcting your form to ensure you get the most out of each workout without risking injury. I will be holding you accountable as well as guiding you every step of the way. We can discuss whatever form of support you need to feel comfortable during our sessions.

Do You Take Insurance?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is it depends on your insurance benefits and what it covers. We have come across some insurances that cover medical massage with a doctor’s prescription which we then provided CPT codes for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

We accept HSA and FSA depending on the plan. Some have been accepted and some have not but we are always willing to give it our best shot and work with you to figure out what works best.

The reason we do not affiliate ourselves with insurance is because we would be restricted with how we could work and our level of care would not be the same.

What Should I Do After the Massage?

We like to recommend that you drink plenty of water and stay as hydrated as you can. Sometimes, very tight muscles can become slightly sore and inflamed after receiving body work. Don’t be scared because inflammation is a very normal part of the healing process. Inflammation is the body’s response to bring more circulation and nutrients to restore muscle function. If there was a knot that you requested us to work out then it will usually be achey for the first 24-48 hours. Once the inflammation decreases, this is when clients are able to see results from the session. We want to avoid bruising at all costs which is a sign of micro trauma and ruptured blood vessels. We WILL NOT aggressively dig into tight muscles and muscle knots. This is why most people complain of feeling worse. We work with the muscles not against.

Do You Accept Gift Cards?

Yes, we accept gift cards. If there is a special event such as: a Birthday, Holliday, or Anniversary, we would be honored to be part of it in any way we can. You are able to purchase gift cards in store or email us at pro10rmat@gmail.com. Thank you so much for your business!

Do You Offer Payment Packages Or Discounts

Our services are very competitive within the massage and training world. With that being said, we still do offer sales and discounts once in a while for Holidays and special events. We don’t want pricing to be an issue if you or someone you know is in pain or discomfort.

We understand that massage and training can still be an expensive service.  Remember, this is an investment into your health! Instead of going out to dinner, our individualized training session will guide you towards better health. Think of this, ONE of our sessions can set the foundation for a lifetime of your exercise confidence. What if one of our medical massage sessions relieves your chronic back pain? There is just no price on pain.

What do I need to do before our first online personal training session?

All you need to do is fill out and submit the 2 personal training forms. These can be found under the Contact tab as “Client Forms”

How many times a week should I workout with you?

This depends on your personal needs and goals. I typically recommend 2-3 times per week for a minimum of 4 weeks if you are looking for weight loss or strength training. For Injury rehab (such as sciatica or a pulled hamstring), I recommend 1-2 times per week for a minimum of 2-3 weeks and decreasing the frequency of our sessions from there.

Do you provide nutrition guidance?

Nutrition advice is something I provide. I am not a registered dietitian, but I do have a background in exercise science and sports nutrition and would be happy to educate you in healthy eating and answer any questions on better food options to assist you in meeting your goals.