We are here to tell you it is NOT normal to live in pain. Don’t let anyone tell you it is normal to feel achey. The human body is incredible at healing, when properly shown how.

Many of us have been to the doctor’s office for a yearly “check up.” There are a few instances, scraping your arm or burning your hand, where you just have to live with the memories a scar won’t let you forget.

As we get older, more medications come our way and we have to get used to a concoction of morning medications and swallow it as our “new norm.” Yet, I have frequently wondered, do medications help us stay healthy or do they prevent us from asking the question “why?” Why are we taking all these medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, anti-anxiety, and arthritis/inflammation? Many times it is because someone has said to us, “You Just Have To Live With It.”

The question “why?” still remains even after the slew of pain medications, that we are told to rely on, don’t provide the solutions we crave. Many are left with severe low back pain or neck pain impeding them from performing simple daily tasks. Why are we given temporary solutions to numb our low back pain as we try to “get through” our day? Should our days now be referred to as something we are simply trying to “get through?”

Our lives are too valuable to be viewed in such a way. We should not be held back by our pain, nor should we let someone hand us a pill and lead us to believe this is something we are just meant to live with. Nor, should we let someone tell us that surgery should be our first or second option to fixing our pain!

I founded Pro10 Rehabilitative Massage & Training to provide an alternative option to pain relief. We provide permanent answers to pain relief instead of offering a temporary fix. I stand on the other side of our conventional health care system, or dare I say health “un-care” system, to give people healthier ways to live. I empower and educate people to gain full control of their health so we don’t have to give insurance companies an arm or a leg.

The human body is incredible at healing, when properly shown how. Through movement training, medical massage, and nutrition guidance, Pro10 Rehab provides the essentials to a complete recipe of a healthy and pain-free life. Our goal is to get the body moving better because when we move better, we feel better.

Our Medical Massage is an outcome-based therapy that focuses on treating medical conditions by reducing muscle tension and relieving the symptoms of your pain. Our clinical techniques of ART, neuromuscular therapy, and PNF stretching along with gentle pressure, will calm the central nervous system and allow the body to experience increased movement. Once we introduce more movement through Individualized Exercise Training and movement therapy, the body will begin to feel better.

We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have regarding your health, fitness, or diet. We feel better when you are better. Our services have helped many people stay out of pain the only question left to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to feel better?”